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The Band

The Hoodoo Hounds, are an exciting blues band from Clemson, SC, and have played together since 2005. Their musical influences vary, but include the pre-war urban blues of Sonny Boy Williamson, Robert Johnson, and Lightnin' Hopkins; the post-war Chicago styles of Howlin' Wolf, Sonny Boy II, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and Paul Butterfield; British artists such has Eric Clapton and John Mayall; legendary Southern artists such as the Allman Brothers and Stevie Ray Vaughan; and American iconoclasts such as Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. The Hoodoo Hounds have recorded several original songs whose lyrics deal with traditional blues themes such as crossroads, tribulation, mojos and black cat bones.

The Hoodoo Hounds are

Craig Campbell - Craig is the newest member of the band. He brings a new beat to the group that fits with the blues groove.

Andrew Duchowski - Andrew's solid drum beats tie together all of the various forces that make the Hoodoo Hounds what they are.

David Jacobs - David's harmonica is one of the outstanding features of the Hound's sound. David is one of the driving forces behind the band's formation and he gives it a musical accent that makes the audience want to join in the fun.

Walt "Hoodoo Harry" Ligon - Walt is the front man of the band. His growling vocals and barking guitar fills give the band its bite.

Radar Martin - Radar brings a powerful bass line to the Hoodoo Hounds' sound. His howling vocals are a great addition as well.

Phil Carroll - Phil is the sound man, roadie, recording engineer, driver, number one critic, and number one fan. The Hounds wouldn't be the Hounds without him.

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